Jumat, 08 November 2013

Wherever you go, happiness will kiss your path forever

Another happy day, Diwali a.k.a Deepavali. We lit the 'Diya' (earthen lamp) in the evening and pray next day morning. As usual we pray and seek the bless from parents, which is in my case is Mom.

Mom took 'aarthi' and we touch her feet one by one, and wished us as follow:

'May all mighty God protect you from all evil eyes
Wherever you go, happiness will kiss your path forever.
I demand it to my God'

Those words seem very simple, but THE MOST POWERFUL WISH as it came from a mom who always love her children (though he/she is good or bad).

Those simple pray which keep me alive till date, and we are blessed to make you happy.
Love you Mom.

Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

Happy Diamond B'Day Mom

Mom, Mama, Amma, Maa, Ibu, Mami, Mommy, Umi,.. all are referring to an extraordinary woman who introduced us to this world. Our first Guru (Teacher), who teaches us all the basic fundamental of life, who always reminds us to do Good things, who always talk to us with love even in very difficult situation, who never expect anything in return, who always protect us through her prayers, and who loves us no matter we are a good son (Rama) or a bad son (Rahvana).

A warm Happy Diamond Birthday wishes to the most wonderful mom in this world, . May all the happiness be YOURS and May GOD gives all the opportunities to me to make you happy. Jai Ho Maa. Love u so much
with Love from Us

Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Snehidhane Rahasia Snehidane

Literally it means 'Secret Friend', usually referring to a Lover or even secret admirer :). Today i heard the song just by luck.
There are few sentences really good in the Valentine mood :P

Oh my Secret Friend - Lover
I will hold you tight in my small heart
Sometime its hard
Sometime its hurt
But I need it in this life

I will understand all the small meaning
behind your attitude
I will listen and understand what you are saying
When you cry, I will be the fingers to wipe off your tear

I want to grab you and protect you in my arms
so the night will not harm you 
I will tell you the story to make you sleep
and release you in the morning when the warm sun is shining

Oh my Secret Friend - Lover
I will hold you tight in my small heart
Sometime its hard
Sometime its hurt
But I need it in this life

Happy Anniversary LOVE

Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Past Three Years....

Three years just passed after my last blog. Life has changed a lot in 3 years time. Nothing to regret though some bad things happened, but life should go on

November 2010 I met a smiley baby boy. He has no name yet, born on 22nd September 2010. He is my brother's first son. It was a shocking news to my family, as we never know that he already got married (we suspected, but for my mom still it was a SHOCKING NEWS - not Breaking News as in CNN). I don't want to be in a very awkward situation as my brother has created a lot of issues for me, so I decided not to see the baby.

Mom starts to discuss with me and trying hard to change my stand. She wants me to accept the baby, and help (again....) my brother. She asked for my permission, so my brother can stay for couple of days in our house. 
Mom is always a MOM... She won again :)

I gave the baby a name according to Hindu astrology. He is Deepak Surya Pillay a.k.a. Ajay. Hey... this boy change my entire life!!
In December 2010, we moved to Cikarang. My brother and his family stayed with us (with my sister to be precise). And everyday i met Ajay, playing with him even i learned how to carry a baby. I can feel his love and gradually I start loving him. I am happy to spend my weekend with him, the whole day.

Since March 2011 he is staying full time with me and mom, and my sister is taking care of him (not to discuss, Ajay's mom ran away from home). He became the youngest member in my family. My home filled with his love, smile, and sound :)

September 2011, I took a new role in my company. I lead SAP project... (what is that???). I took the challenge, as it is a big project and opens a new horizon for me. Bought few books (thanks to my friend Irman Wisnu  - Mprit- who give suggestions) through Amazon. It is expensive, but i need to invest for my future role. The month was full of 'things', I entered mid 30, Ajay 1st b'day, new job, and new planning of life.

Ajay 1st b'day (Sister, Mom, Ajay, Me, and Youngest Bro)
Ajay and GrandMa cutting the cake (made by GrandMa)
Ajay with GrandMa, Dad and Mom

Rabu, 14 April 2010

Happy B’day Mom

Mama merayakan ulangtahunnya tanggal 7 Maret lalu. Seperti yang mama mau, tugasku hanya membeli kue (untuk dibagi-bagi) dan pastinya hadiah. Buat kali ini yang terpilih adalah Two Seasons Cake from Dapur Coklat – kuenya, dan SINGER sebagai hadiahnya.

Happy b'day Mom, semoga diberikan kesehatan, kebahagiaan dan rejeki yang melimpah sehingga bisa mendoakan kami dan berbagi kebahagiaan bersama kami……. Amin

Love u so much!

Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Deepavali Again :)

After 2 years did not ‘celebrate’ Deepavali, its like a new event for my family. The vibration is sooo strong. Mom starts preparing cookies, she plan things to do, the Pooja (ceremony) preparation, giving to poor and not to forget new clothes J

Deepavali or people use to say Diwali was celebrated across the globe on Saturday, October 17th 2009.
The ceremonies starts from Wednesday, we pray for our ancestors. Thursday is Dhan Teras. We do shopping on this day, all things for Diwali usually purchased on this day. There is belief that it is a good day for purchasing Gold, Jewels, and utensils. So I took my Mom to the most happening mall in Western part of Indonesia i.e. Metropolitan Mall Bekasi.
(the most happening mall: you will never find a proper parking lot except you come at 9 am, there will be crowd waiting outside before the mall was opened everyday, complete mall start from Ace Hardware/Index, Garuda Indonesia, Giordano, Body Shop, JCO, Bread Talk, Batik Keris, Matahari, Superindo, etc…etc)

Mom bought a Batik for her and some small batik for her grand daughter, then bought all the ‘things’ for her hobby (embroidery etc), bought shirt and pant for my bro, then to Index bought some utensils, and I bought her small Gold ear ring ;). In between we have a small break @ Eaton.

Friday, is the busiest day. Took my brother and sister to the same mall for their Diwali Clothes, disturbed by earth quake (I did not feel it anyway, but we ran out from the mall), bought flower for pooja. Cleaning everything, sorting, packing and removing J and I forgot to wash the lovely black Avanza because of the earth quake. Can’t go out as it is late already, so I washed the car by myself.
Start the night with Diya around house: Mom performs pooja as we celebrate the day as Lord Krishna killed the Demon Narakasura. I lit only 18 diyas hehehe. Mom perform pooja with small diyas in Thali

Saturday is Diwali, start the day with Laksmi pooja. Get our bless from mom, and we had breakfast together. It was a traditional South Indian food i.e. Idly and Dosa with Potato chutney.
The unique of Diwali for this year is: it fall on Saturday (so it is very auspicious mainly for those in Vaisnav clan. All food are VEGETARIAN only) hiks hiks hiks. Visited Granny @ Cikarang and spent the night there.

Sunday is party day, mom prepared Rendang Ayam (it is pure Indonesian food), mutton curry, some Indian dishes, Indian sweet (left over from yesterday hehehe), Es Buah, and acar. Many visited granny’s house to celebrate Diwali (in fact they came to eat too :P).
Usually in the day after Diwali, husband will give present to his wife (so sweeeettttttttt)

Monday is Bhaubeej, where sisters invite the brothers to have lunch or dinner. And my sister did not invite me L, this practice has been abandoned nowadays. Never mind I always have food at her house whenever I visit her.
Happy Diwali, may the light of Diwali dispel darkness, ignorance, and evil from the world......

Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil de dil vich vasdi

I heard a song from 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi', and the lyric is simply superb. It describes everything about your lover. The feeling when you fall in love, how that feeling keep 'killing' you, even you can not think other matter, and say : pls... stay here in my heart....

Hahaha this song is bombastic yet I can't deny that I like the lyrics. Below is the excerpt translated to English..

you are my paradise, you are my craving
you are what I pray for, you are what brings my soul peace
you are what cools my eyes to see, you are the footstep of my heart
I don’t know about anything else but I do know
in you I see God, o what should I do
in an offering of love my head bows down to you, o what should I do
in you I see God, o what should I do
please stay here in my heart.....

what kind of distance is this, what kind of helplessness
that I have to touch you with only my eyes
sometimes your scent, sometimes your words
without asking for it I have received the whole world
you are what lightens my heart, you are all the valuable things of lifetimes
I don’t know about anything else but I do know
in you I see God, o what should I do
please stay here in my heart.....

Hmmmm....... lovely words for lovely person....

Tujh mein rab diktha hai... yaara mein kya karoon
Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil de dil vich vasdi